Dallas Walker 02

DALLAS OPENED his eyes just wide enough to glance at Mary and her brother Pete. There they stood, just as they had been five minutes ago — heads bowed down, eyes closed, and hands interlocked with each others, and Dallas's.

I'm going to kill her, he thought. Suddenly both of the Van Tassel twins began to belch a roaring hum — Dallas jumped. After a few moments of humming Dallas dropped his hands to his sides, "Okay guys I really can't do this. I mean this is a great place, and I'm blown away with the acoustics in this building — the Integration, was it? But yeah, I'm just not feeling it."

Mary and Pete's eyes were now open. Mary had a furrowed brow and reverse-smirk plastered on her face, "Well what do you expect Mr. Walker? You broke the line of communication." Pete stood motionless seeming to embrace the moment — whatever moment it might have been. "I'm really sorry," Dallas continued, "You showed me the pictures and told me the story. You took me to the big rock — hell, I even camped there last night. I've got nothing. There is nothing to report. Even if Ashman and the Jedi Council did grant us communication with Venus, I would have no way of substantiating the experience — at least not without audio or visual recording equipment."

Mary's scowl seemed to deepen, "You would do well not to disrespect Ashtar. And it is the Council of the Seven Lights. I told you already, as well as Ms. Grey, that Ashtar simply would not permit recording of any kind." Dallas rubbed his hand through his dirt-laden, "I just spent a night in the desert", brown hair. "I'm really sorry Mrs. Van Tassel. The handholding, yeah it was a bit weird. But the humming? It's why I don't do Yoga you know?" Dallas pointed at Pete, "This guy knows what I'm talking about. Right my man?". Pete smiled and shrugged, then Mary turned her scowl towards him instead.

Dallas headed towards the white door, the only exit to the strangely crafted, dome shaped, Integration building. He opened the door and turned towards Mary, "But I'll do a really great write up of this place and your story. And like I said, the acoustics in here are bananas — you ought to get some drums and didgeridoos up in here." Dallas exited the door and closed it behind him, stepping out into the blistering heat of the Mojave Desert.

Couple of wackos in here, he thought. No wonder people think I'm a joke. Dallas walked over to his dusty rental car. "I'm going to kill you Arla," Dallas said aloud.

Author: Mark Wahlbeck